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About us

Shanghai jinchang carton machinery manufacturing co., LTD., established in May 2000, covers an area of about 20,000 square meters and a construction area of more than 15,000 square meters. It is 1 km away from the ramp of high speed G1501 and 28 km away from the traffic hub of pudong airport. The east gate of the company is located beside the high-level G228 national road, 6 kilometers away from the ramp of S2 expressway, and is directly connected to the elevated road S20 in the overseas ring and S1 in yingbin avenue. The company's north gate is located in the regional main road pingzhuang east road, also convenient for large vehicles. Company has the independent research and development team and improve the machining process, to ensure that the enterprise long-term stability and sustainable development, its products enjoy good reputation in the industry, especially the hd water-based printing technology in the industry enjoys a high reputation.

Passed iso9001:2008 standard quality system certification; The series of products have obtained the eu CE safety certification; Shanghai high and new technology enterprise, Shanghai brand cultivation demonstration enterprise, Shanghai science and technology innovation training enterprise, etc. Awarded by the government "Shanghai model collective", "enterprise social responsibility award", and won the government tax payment quality enterprise for 15 consecutive years.

Company involved in r&d and manufacture of corrugated cardboard box printing equipment, has nearly 50 patents of all kinds, among them, the servo front into project to obtain a patent for invention, such as paper, meanwhile, was awarded the Shanghai key new product and the title of famous brand in Shanghai, and repeatedly won the "Shanghai hi-tech achievement transformation project", the district of Shanghai patent demonstration enterprises.

Optimize the ERP management system and improve the testing methods, control the material forming, material processing and other sources, and ensure the long-term stability of product quality. In order to improve enterprise competitiveness, remain the state of can monitor the whole process, increased the numerical control processing equipment more than 10 sets, key parts are completed in the factory, to ensure the reliability of the product quality and traceability.

Widely absorb, absorb advanced technology, to achieve synchronization with the international mainstream products development, production printing line machine replacement operation, from the automatic feeding, printing, slitting, die-cutting), sticky box, automatic packaging and palletizing line with whole plant logistics, gradually achieve development in the direction of intelligent factory. In the field of rubber turn soft hd watermark, this chang always maintain industry leading position, using independent servo drive lifting equipment accuracy, is widely used in printing of home appliances, food, beverage, beer, etc packing. From focus to specialty, the servo drive printing machine has always been a pioneer in the development of the industry. Actively promote packaging reduction work, first in the industry launched from pressure type front feed system, make the carton forming are obtained by the physical properties, not only save social resources, at the same time users to improve the market competitiveness.

Using the thinking mode to establish the Internet platform, expand the cooperation with international market, in the United States, England, Portugal, Russia, southeast Asia and other set up agencies, all the way through the area transfer of industrial chain, from kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan, Iran and Ukraine to Poland, Germany, and Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia to Sri Lanka, India and other regions, make the product depth coverage to all over the world.

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