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Celebrate the entry of Jinchang brand into the ranks of municipal brand demonstration enterprises


According to the general office of the municipal government of this city to implement the general office of the state council about play a role of leading brand to promote the opinions of the supply and demand structure upgrade > measures for the implementation of the no. 38 FuBan (2016) (Shanghai) and city economy informationization committee concerning the organization to carry out the pilot demonstration in 2017 the municipal brand cultivation work notice by letter [2017] no. 288 (Shanghai), Shanghai today chang carton machinery manufacturing co., LTD., actively carry out brand cultivation pilot demonstration in the city of Shanghai. According to the comprehensive evaluation of experts, Shanghai jinchang carton machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Has become a brand cultivation demonstration enterprise in Shanghai and the first one among the carton printing machinery enterprises. Latest development: a rehearsal for the licensing ceremony on June 15, 2018.


It is today, all the staff work hard to create, not years of carefully crafted, produce the high precision of carton printing machine, for all kinds of trophies, MEDALS and certificates, there is honor today; Without the innovation and research and development of the technology department, no sales department has introduced carton machinery products into various parts of the world. This is a reflection of the soft power of Shanghai jinchang.


Today chang, the company all staff decided, more in the future to put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, pay attention to every step of hand operation, produce more high-quality parts, assembly precision, durable machine more, the development of more advanced equipment, to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, let this sparkling chang brand, to make this worldwide chang machinery.


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