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Full-Servo Control Vacuum Suction Automatic Flexo Printer & Slotter & Die cutter of ORITE


Orite-ii oulette all-servo fixed unit vacuum adsorption high-speed waterborne printing die-cutting machine


Control department


The whole machine adopts computer centralized control, Japanese servo driver.
All position adjustment PLC program control, encoder tracking.
Each unit group is equipped with man-machine interface, easy to operate and correct adjustment.
Remote trace services can be implemented.

Paper department


Paper feeding adopts "jinchang leading edge paper feeding technology", paper feeding is accurate and fast, suitable for all kinds of corrugated board.
The paper transmission is driven by a servo motor with double cots and no mechanical transmission error.
The paper feeding roller includes wear-resistant rubber and is equipped with air pressure adjustment function, which can prevent the cardboard from deformation and ensure the accuracy of paper feeding.
Vacuum adsorption front feeding paper, air volume, air pressure can be adjusted according to the paper size.
Dust absorber is installed to eliminate impurities on paper printing surface and improve printing quality.
No side seam transmission technology can minimize transmission error.
No need to be equipped with a lubricating oil circulation oil system, can achieve oil free environmental production.
Feeding gap adjusted to electric adjustment, touch screen operation control.

Printing department


Printing roller, pressure roller are high - quality steel surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
Dynamic and static balance correction, smooth operation.
Using the hanging plate mechanism, easy and fast installation.
The loading and unloading plate is provided with foot switch or operating surface to control forward and reverse rotation, which is fast and convenient.
The paper feeding system is equipped with automatic lifting roller (the paper feeding roller will automatically fall in contact with the plate, and the paper feeding roller will automatically rise and separate from the plate when stopping).
The printing unit drive is driven by servo motor independently to eliminate the accumulated error of the system.
Printing phase adjustment adopts man-machine interface and servo driver adjustment automatically.
Printing plate roller with intelligent reset, dynamic, static can be a shortcut reset.
High - wire ceramic roller closed cavity scraping system, 80-90 network printing.
Ac servo control peristaltic pump to supply and discharge ink, so that quick operation, saving ink and flushing convenience.
Specially made aluminum alloy circular arc scraping cavity can increase bending capacity by 30% and save ink supply by 20%.
The inner lining of teflon environmental protection layer can be used to clean the cavity easily.
Vacuum auxiliary roller conveying and embossing roller ensure printing color accuracy up to 0.35.
Electric digital display adjust printing plate roll lateral position, adjust distance 20mm.
The gap between the roller and the embossing roller can be adjusted automatically. The encoder can track and record. The adjustment value can be input through PLC to realize automatic adjustment. Equal and uniform heat distribution drying mechanism, no need for gear lubrication oil supply system.
Ac servo motor with no side gap transmission structure.

Die cutting department


Die cutting roller and die roller are independently driven by two servo motors respectively, which can be consistent with paper feeding and printing according to various die cutting speed range.
Die - cutting transfer using vacuum adsorption transfer form.
Air pressure type automatically adjusts the air pressure of each section in the vacuum chamber.
The gap between the rubber roller and the formwork roller can be adjusted electronically.
Without phase adjustment and differential compensation mechanism, the cutting speed can be guaranteed to be equal.
Form of pneumatic lifting mechanism of template roller.
No side gap transmission mechanism, no need to inject gear oil.
Compared with other machines, rubber pad life is 15%-25% higher.


Technical parameters:

Model 1800*1000 1800*1200 2200*1000 2500*1200
Top speed(mm) 240 200 220 200
Maximum feed size(mm) 1800*1000 1800*1200 2200*1000 2500*1200
Minimum feed size(mm) 650*400 650*400 650*400 650*400
Sheet feed size(mm) 1800*1200 1800*1400 2200*1200 2500*1400
Maximum printing area(mm) 1750*900 1750*1130 2150*900 2450*1150
Standard printing thickness(mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2


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