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ORITE full-servo vacuum adsorption high speed water-based printing machine


ORITE- full servo vacuum adsorption wide flexo printing (die cutting) machine


The machine features


Using computer centralized control, matching high - precision, high - response servo drive.
PLC program control servo drive to ensure the stability and reliability of the operation data.
Printing plate roller and transfer, inking part separate servo drive, through flexible control to improve the adjustment precision.
The whole machine is controlled by touch screen, which can store common orders, and it is more convenient and fast to change orders.
Complete vacuum suction transfer, roller made of light alloy material, outer coating wear - resistant ceramics.
High pressure removes static electricity, negative pressure sucks the sticky dust, with the high efficiency contact type sticky dust device, increases the suction type dust removal mechanism.
Double spatula system with sealed cavity, improve printing precision, save ink and reduce cleaning time.
Adopt double focusing reflection one-way heat conduction system, realize high heat effect transfer, reduce power and save energy.
Able to implement remote maintenance and connect the plant management system.

Technical parameters:


Oulette - model number 1800*1000 2200*1000 1800*1200
Top speed(pcs/min) 200 200 180
Maximum feed size(mm) 1800*970 2200*970 1800*1170
Sheet feed size(mm) 1800*1200 2200*1200 1800*1400
Minimum feed size(mm) 650*280 650*280 650*340
Maximum printing area(mm) 1750*920 2150*920 1750*1120
Standard plate thickness(mm) Set arbitrary Set arbitrary Set arbitrary
Maximum die-cutting area(mm) 1700*920 2100*920 1700*1120


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