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Automatic folding gluer production line


Automatic folding adhesive box production line

The whole machine adopts the integrated control technology, and each data adheres to the box to adjust automatically, so as to improve the production efficiency of packaging enterprises.
Set the top speed according to the number of paper boxes, and achieve the goal of printing and adhesive boxes.
Through perfect tracking and detection technology, the printing department will stop working automatically when problems such as paper jam are found in the adhesive box.
The paper feeding belt is at a 45 degree Angle from the main transfer belt. When the carton is folded and pressed, it forms an arc Angle to prevent the cardboard from being damaged when folded.
Load the concentrated fan and set the air volume adjusting mechanism to effectively clean the paper scraps on the cardboard surface.
The back end of the adhesive box is equipped with an auxiliary synchronous conveyor belt, which can strengthen the restraining force by increasing the file gauge and the contact surface of the carton to effectively control the width of the carton.
The multi-servo control technology is used to realize the reliable falling paper pile, improve the response speed of production and ensure the stability of application.

Technical parameters:


Specification 1800 2200 2500
Max 440 540 615
Min 120 120 150
Carton(L) Max Max 730 850 850
Min 230 230 250
W+L Max 900 1100 1250
Min 350 350 400
Max 1200 1200 1200
Min 250 250 270
Glue(W)S 35 35 35


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