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Feeding machine

1. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and operated by touch screen. 2. Paper roller table can be adjusted according to the cardboard size. 3. The running speed of the printing machine can be recognized by the machine, so that the paper transfer speed can be automatically adjusted.


Full-Servo Control Vacuum Suction Automatic Flexo Printer & Slotter & Die cutter of ORITE

The whole machine adopts computer centralized control, Japanese servo driver. All position adjustment PLC program control, encoder tracking. Each unit group is equipped with man-machine interface, easy to operate and correct adjustment. Remote trace services can be implemented.


Vibrating Trash-cleaning Machine

Independent vibrating waste cleaning unit can be flexibly installed on the front of the stacker. The mobile waste cleaning department facilitates the operator to enter the work, making the waste cleaning operation simpler and more convenient. The cleaning part adopts multi-belt double clamp transmission, rotary vibration cleaning and independent speed adjustable.


Automatic folding gluer production line

The whole machine adopts the integrated control technology, and each data adheres to the box to adjust automatically, so as to improve the production efficiency of packaging enterprises.


ORITE full-servo vacuum adsorption high speed water-based printing machine

Using computer centralized control, matching high - precision, high - response servo drive. PLC program control servo drive to ensure the stability and reliability of the operation data. Printing plate roller and transfer, inking part separate servo drive, through flexible control to improve the adjustment precision.